International Dinner Party

G’Day Mob,

We’re going to party!!!

I’ve come up with this crazy idea. We’re all invited to an international dinner party. You’re going to provide me with ingredients. I’m going to choose the venue and this mysterious world-famous chef is going to design our menu (by chef I mean the bloke on the left; the girl on the right still can’t cook).

165 Jamie

This is how it’s going to work ……

I want you to leave me a message (here on the blog, facebook, email, phone, telepathy – however) telling me:

  • Who you are
  • Where you live
  • What ingredient you want on the menu
  • What you would name our dinner party

For example

  1. Mandy
  2. Coolatai
  3. Kangaroo fillet steak
  4. International dinner party (very boring – I expect better from you Mob)

Then I am going to choose our virtual location by throwing a dart at a map   – be warned: this website is addictive. (By the way this is how a found The Viking Saga blog).

Then this mysterious international chef will combine the ingredients into our menu. (NB: above photo of mysterious chef may be about thirty years old. Hope his students don’t see it!).

So there you have it: international guests, a world of different cuisine, an exotic location and a menu to die for. You’ve got a week. Who’s in?

12 responses to “International Dinner Party

  1. Who do you think?

    The cival civilian gang
    On the road
    Boxwood beef ( you know what we are saying Mandy )
    Sing songs, spin stories, eat, laugh and drink wine,

  2. This sounds like fun!
    1. Emily
    2. Florida, U.S.
    3. Oranges (or orange zest, or liquor, etc.)
    4. I would call the party a Mixer, or Cultural Mixer 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the menu!

  3. I like it:)
    1. Danuta
    2. Ireland
    3. Quinoa (following my Bolivian adventure;)
    4. Intercultural Fiesta!

    Good luck:)

  4. Thanks Danuta. Another couple more seats booked, with a crowd coming from Facebook 🙂

  5. 1) Lavinia & Rick
    2) U.S.
    3) Abalone!
    4) The Virtual Feast

    Love the photo of you two!

  6. 1. Lyle
    2. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
    3. Saskatoon Berries (or blueberries if that’s too hard to find)
    4. Pleasing the Palate

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