Pre-Dinner Drinks

G’Day Mob,

Crikeys – where did February go?

Organising a dinner party – that’s where. Who’s crazy idea was this anyway?

I’ve had a few hold ups with the venue (trust me), latecomers and a very busy chef, but never fear we will soon be partying.

In the meantime why not enjoy a few pre-dinner drinks on the hill overlooking Rocky Springs?

165 Lookout

Talk again soon,


10 responses to “Pre-Dinner Drinks

  1. Is that some rain coming? Should we move to the verandah?

  2. What a beautiful place and panoramic view! No wonder you love it there!

  3. Ross and Belinda

    Hi Mandy and Brian

    Looks like you guys have been lucky enough to be under some rain, it’s looking beautiful.

    We are a bit crispy! No rain for Feb!

    Hope this finds you both well and cooking up a storm!!

    Bin and Ross

    • Hi Bin and Ross, This photo was taken in January when it looked fantastic. We haven’t had rain for Feb – just heat and wind – so we too are crispy. Amazing how fast it can change.

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