Going Twice

G’Day Mob,

You may have thought buying an opal mine was big enough news for one year …. but wait: there’s more.

We have bought another farm.

Nestled at the foot of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland will be our new adventure – 1500 acres of rolling box, ironbark and brigalow country running down to red gum creek flats,

172 grass

watered by bores, a lagoon and dams

172 dam

with a large set of cattle yards.

When we inspected the place in May there was a huge body of grass (though I have been farming long enough to know that there is no such thing as a drought-proof place) and we couldn’t find a skinny cow within 100kms.

The top of the property looks west to the Carnarvon Ranges and will be terrific for sunset drinks. I am already planning the construction of a stubby hut and fire pit.

The house could use some renovations – though if the stubby hut construction has sapped all my building energy there is always a verandah to sit upon and I can gaze out upon a jacaranda.

172 house

Or if all else fails, I can camp in the old house by the windmill.

172 windmill

And get this: the property is only 6kms from a pub, which will be a bit like ground-hog day. Mind you the little town is a touch bigger than Coolatai. We will move from a population of about 40 to a population of about 400. I am not sure how I will handle the crowds.

My only real concern is dingoes – native wild Australian dogs. I worry how they will cope with fox terribles.

But all of this means we will be leaving Rocky Springs, which means there is just enough time for one more blog post …….

12 responses to “Going Twice

  1. Congratulations. Lots of adventures in those Carnarvon Ranges too…

    • Thanks Naomi. Sounds like you are having plenty of adventures yourself. I’ve enjoyed reading about your jaunt through Indonesia.

  2. Looks like a beautiful ranch, Mandy. Congratulations on the purchase, and hope the blog does not stop at the end of Rocky Springs. Good luck with dingoes and fox terribles encountering each other.

    All the best to you and the crew as you prepare to move.

    • Thanks Lavinia. It has been crazy busy here as you can probably imagine so I haven’t been over to your blog for a while.Will endeavour to be more faithful when we’re settled again.

      • No worries. Take your time. Moving is horrible. Never want to do it again. They will have to take me out of here in a pine box…. 🙂

  3. Oh wow, congratulations to you both….very exciting news! Will look forward to coming to visit sometime. What is the name of the town you will be near?

  4. Wow sounds like you are heading back to where we first met you both up in Tenterfield or thereabouts. Must be time we paid a visit or viceversa

  5. I turn my back for just awhile (okay, months, we of broken bones around these parts) only to learn of this magnificent move! Best of everything to you all, of all leg numbers! “You mustered up the courage and crossed the Great Divide.” (I forget who said that, sorry…).

  6. All the best for this exciting change of venue. We look forward to more interesting words from you in due course.

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