She’s Back ……………..

G’Day Mob,

Well after a break of 12 months it looks like I might be blogging again.

In the past year a few stories have accumulated.

So do you want to hear them?

And if you do, what strikes your fancy – “The Coming of the Camels” or “My Life as a Pit Pony”?


10 responses to “She’s Back ……………..

  1. Good to have you back! Your Mum was in UK and stayed with us for a few days – good to see her again too. Looking forward to your exploits!

  2. Welcome back! Camels in Australia should be interesting! 🙂

  3. Great to have you back, enjoy reading your life stories

  4. I say bring on the camels – the ponies can wait.

  5. Glenys Taylor

    Wow, we were talking about you guys last night. And then this pops up in my mailbox. Karma! Need to send you a private messagebut not sure if I have your email address anymore.

  6. Welcome back, Mandy! Either story is OK by me.

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