Opal Heart Media

G’Day most patient Mob,


I was reminded by a Canadian friend that I had been threatening to start blogging again but hadn’t actually done anything – well hang on in there.

As my writing and photography have evolved over the last few years it has led to an actual real-life business called Opal Heart Media and so in this day and age it seems that to run a business you should have a website.

So that is what I have been playing at for the last couple of months. The Opal Heart Media website is now live and on it you will find a blog with two posts to date. The first is just a general ramble of which you are all familiar. The second, due to popular demand, is The Coming of the Camels.

So jump on over to the website, read about the camels and leave your comments – just as you would here.

Come join me on a new adventure.

2 responses to “Opal Heart Media

  1. Kylie Miller

    Woo hoo!!! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! Made my day (which admittedly has only just started and so far has included cat spew and a dog fight…) x

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