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Mandy McKeesick is a freelance writer and cattle farmer based in central Queensland.

She grew up on the coast of eastern Australia before heading briefly to the bright lights of Sydney where she studied at the University of New South Wales. Armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree she headed to the wilds of Western Australia where she worked as an exploration geologist in such world-renowned areas as Nullagine, Menzies and Whim Creek.  She also picked up a Kiwi husband, Brian, in the Great Sandy Desert.

A four-month camping trip through the Kimberley and across northern Australia with a dog and a couple of swags preceded a move to Lochiel in southern NSW where Brian worked as an abalone diver and Mandy as his deckhand. Seasick and nigh divorced by lunchtime every day and she thought fifteen months was enough as a deckhand. She then flirted with scuba diving, secretarial work and rental property management (she still has the scars) before setting up a bookkeeping business and teaching accountants about tax laws.

In 2004 Mandy and Brian changed tack once again and took up cattle farming full-time. Of all her challenges, perhaps farming has been the greatest: mustering, working dogs, eating the wildlife, truck driving, droughts, fractious thoroughbreds, miniature fox terriers who think they are pig dogs, and a whole lot of other adventures. The Rocky Springs Rambles are a collection of these tales, complete with a cast of characters.

Writing from life experience Mandy uses her words to promote her love of the people and places of rural Australia.

20 responses to “About

  1. Neat, Mandy……your talents are now shared with the world. Hope life is good at Rocky Springs.

  2. Julie Pettett

    This is fantastic Mandy…I love you character briefs! Good on you 🙂

  3. What an amazing life so far

  4. Juleanne Starling

    Hey mandy looking foward to hearing your adventures as I am sure there will be many.

  5. Dear Mandy

    The National Library of Australia is interested in contacting the author of this blog with regard to its possible inclusion within PANDORA: Australia’s Web Archive. We were unable to locate any contact details onsite and are requesting that if you are interested in your blog being archived that you contact us at: webarchive [at] nla.gov.au.

    You can see more details on the Archive at the link below. http://pandora.nla.gov.au/about.html


    PANDORA team

  6. Hey, Mandy, you’re about to become a National Treasure (if you’re not already one)!! Bobby Dazzler’s Blog is already there — I knew you wouldn’t be far behind.

  7. Mandy, I can’t believe this…Bega? That is where my father’s family ls from. You would have driven over Parbery Creek many times. My Father left his family property to study Agriculture and like you, I have Jillarood, owned foxies, camped under the stars in swags many times and have a degree in Accounting. Is this all a little spooky? I will be so interested to keep up with your adventure…I’m writing mine in retrospect. Jen

    • G’Day Jen,
      What is even spookier is that we are probably related!
      Thank you for your comments and I look forward to reading your blog.

  8. What a great summary of your life so far! What prompted you and your husband to get a cattle property?

    • G’Day Holly,
      Well Brian grew up on sheep stations and missed the life. I started life on a dairy farm and then a hobby farm so we both thought we would like to get back on the land. It seemed like a good idea at the time………… 🙂

      • I laughed when you mentioned you write to keep sane. I can relate, I spend a lot of time on my own so it’s a good creative outlet for me. Plus I actually have to use my brain a bit.

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  10. Woman of many ‘lives’! Love your profile picture:)

  11. Hi Mandy,
    I wonder if you have any photos of Braeside. I ask because it was my uncles farm for a very long time and it would great if you had any photos of the house and buildings.

  12. Hey Mandy…Outback Australia, you just wouldn’t be dead for quids! Cheers, Baz

  13. What a cast of characters you have – how could I not follow? Looking forward to future posts.

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