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Pre-Dinner Drinks

G’Day Mob,

Crikeys – where did February go?

Organising a dinner party – that’s where. Who’s crazy idea was this anyway?

I’ve had a few hold ups with the venue (trust me), latecomers and a very busy chef, but never fear we will soon be partying.

In the meantime why not enjoy a few pre-dinner drinks on the hill overlooking Rocky Springs?

165 Lookout

Talk again soon,



The Plumber

G’Day Mob,

We have known The Plumber since he was 3, and for 15 years he and his family have wandered in and out of our lives.

The Plumber (far right), his siblings and Pep ...... many years ago

The Plumber (far right), his siblings and Pep …… many years ago

Last month The Plumber packed his old ute with a swag, a fishing rod and the tools of his trade, and drove 1200km to see us.

He is not the first teenager to visit Brian and I. In fact we have friends who have threatened to send their kids to us as some sort of rural/agricultural initiation rite.

Should you be considering consigning your offspring to us, or should you be like The Plumber and arrive voluntarily, this is some of what can be expected: Continue reading

10 Reasons Why I Am Over Fencing

G’Day Mob,

At the end of spring last year we had unseasonably hot weather. Then we had a mild summer before the heat came back for a last (hopefully) blast in early autumn. We chose late spring and early autumn to fence a paddock on the stock route and this last week has been a doozy. Here are 10 reasons why I am over fencing in March.

Fencing to keep cattle off the road and in the paddock

Fencing to keep cattle off the road and in the paddock

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Wildflower Quilt

G’Day Mob,

It’s been crazy busy around Rocky Springs this month; the craziness compounded by my annual bout with hay fever and an internet connection that won’t connect.

The rains have forgotten to fall again so we have been moving cattle around – some we have on agistment further south where they have funny-looking green stuff to eat, and others we have out on the local stock routes. Tending cattle on the stock routes can be quite relaxing if all the bovines are where they are supposed to be, and have not chosen 30 minutes before last light to explore the outer regions of the route and go walk-about.

Now I may not be a quilter like the famous Coolatai Crafty Ladies but I do enjoy photography so, with cattle parked under a tree for their daily camp, I went in search of wildflowers and constructed my own version of a quilt.

Wildflower Qult

What do you reckon? Should I start quilting, stick with photography, or just keep an eye on those cows disappearing through the scrub?

How a Slippery Ribbon Led to a Good Weekend

G’Day Mob,

Several weeks ago I was thrilled and privileged to have a story printed in the Good Weekend, a glossy magazine insert in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald. Thrilled because it is such a high-profile national publication and privileged to be able to share the story of Peter and Nathan Sinclair, father and son thoroughbred trainers from Moree.

Nathan and Peter Sinclair - father and son thoroughbred trainers at Moree in north-western NSW

Nathan and Peter Sinclair – father and son thoroughbred trainers at Moree in north-western NSW

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Morning Muster

G’Day Mob,

You’ve all been reading for a while now and getting to know the farm so I thought it was high time to take you on a Rocky Springs muster. Continue reading


 G’Day Mob,

I have spent a few days stripping – the money is terrible but at least I don’t have to think too much ……

109 Moonfence

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Can Grazing Animals Save the World?

G’Day Mob,

For the last couple of weeks you have joined me as we look at droving in northern New South Wales. This post I want to share the work of Alan Savory and his theories on how grazing animals can save the world. Continue reading

The Drover

 G’Day Mob,

A few weeks ago Brian took a phone call. Mick from Wallangra was putting together a herd of weaners (young cattle) for the route but the stock contractor would be a week late. Could Brian take the mob on the road each day and return them to the yards at night? Would Brian be the drover?

The Drover and Manu

The Drover and Manu

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G’Day Mob,

Thursday, 8am, as I read through some of the blogs I follow I came across this pearl of wisdom from Jessy at WestEastern :

“she who bears sweat, dirt, perhaps a bruise and always a smile understands that joy and challenge travel hand-in-hand”

Wow I thought, this is the attitude I would like to live by. Then came Thursday 9am …… Continue reading