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A Country Girl’s Handbag

G’Day Mob,

I had lunch with a friend yesterday who is particularly stylish in her dress-sense. She always looks immaculate and I am sure could wear a hessian bag and make it look glamourous, whereas I could wear a hessian bag and it would look like ……… a hessian bag. However one fashion item I have never quite grasped is the over-sized handbag. What do people put in those things? When I go out I am lucky to remember my phone and wallet. However I do have a handbag of sorts, though it resides on the front of my quad bike:

96 quad

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Drought Humour (Part Two)

G’Day Mob,

Another of our drought strategies (other then turning the whole farm into a brewery), is pruning trees for cattle feed. This is Brian‘s job. He puts a ladder against a tree, climbs into the branches and chainsaws off some cow chow.

The wild olives and myalls make for standard food, but when a kurrajong is being lopped the cows come running. And when they come running they sometimes knock things over……… Continue reading

Farming By Numbers

G’Day Mob,

If you live on a farm there is a fair chance you may understand the following directive:

“Fill up the 5020 from the 44, then take that roll of No.8 out past the 66. You’ll need a 5/16th and your 410 but don’t take the dogs because there is 1080 about”.

I’ve been having a little fun this week with some great farming girls in a group with the unfortunate name of “Girls R Traders” (named by a man would you believe!). We’ve been collating the farming terms that are reduced to their barest abbreviations, which in many cases is purely a number. So if the above directive is all gibberish to you, read on for an exposé of farming by numbers.

 88 yards

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Let the Day Begin



Let The Day Begin




Mustering in the Sorghum

G’Day Mob,

This morning’s job was mustering cows and calves (and one bull) from a paddock of sorghum. The good season means the sorghum has grown well but it does make mustering a bit more of a challenge when you can’t see the animals. Best to take a lot of patience and a keen sense of hearing. A taller horse would help as well.

There are two bovines in this photo. I only know that because I was following them, but can you spot them? (Apologies for crappy mobile phone photography on moving equine).

Mustering in Silk


I spent three hours on the quad bike yesterday looking for a bull. I bounced over a thousand rocks, bush-bashed through the scrub, negotiated gullies and trudged along ridges. My travels took me past some of the magnificent grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea species) that grow here on Rocky Springs.

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Day’s End

G’Day Mob,

Rocky Springs used to be a sheep property and as such we have a lovely old shearing shed. As Rocky Springs is now purely a cattle property the old shed is used for storage. I snapped this grainy shot on the mobile phone at day’s end today. And what did today’s work involve?

1. Back-up computer to avoid internet doomsday – check.

2. Fix electric fence – check.

3. Drive cattle truck to neighbours to pick up escapee cow and calf – check.

4. Draft cows and calves in our yards – check.

5. Cook lunch – check

6. Quick lap of farm in the ute to make sure water medicator was working – check.

7. Clean trough – check

8. Test electric fence with backside – ouch

9. Move mob of cattle under starlight with Bo – check

10. Join teleconference for girls trading cattle – check

11. Find warm bed – yes please………….


G’Day Mob,

I won’t claim to be a photographer but some of you have been asking what I do all day. Today was stripping out an old fence, cursing barb wire, pulling star pickets out of the ground, zzzzzzzz; best part of the job was the drive home.

“Stark white ring-barked forests” -Dorothea Mackellar, My Country