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Merlot Anyone?

G’Day Mob,

You’d think we’d learn wouldn’t you? Not content to turn Rocky Springs into a brewery in January with disastrous results, we are now turning the farm into a winery. Continue reading

Beautiful Brahmans

G’Day Mob,

Following on from the last post (The Brahman and the Brown Snake) I thought it was an opportune time to share some cow photos with you. Being cattle traders we see all breeds of cattle come onto Rocky Springs but my favourites are the brahmans. They need a little extra room when being worked in the yards, and watch out if you get between a protective brahman and her calf, but unbothered in the paddocks they are the most beautiful of animals. Continue reading

The Brahman and the Brown Snake

3rd February 2009

G’Day Mob,

Now I have a funny story to tell you about snakes and cows so settle in.

Our Brahman cows have been busily having calves of late and are usually the most excellent mothers. However, for unknown reasons, one old girl decided to abandon her calf and we had a long-eared orphan in need of rescuing. Brian and I spent days looking for it but hidden by the long dry grass it remained elusive . Continue reading

A Load of Bull

G’Day Mob,

Sunday morning and Brian is about to set out to do some fencing but there is a bull awaiting pick-up on a nearby property. “You don’t need me. You and Judy will be right” he says as he throws the strainers onto the ute and is gone.

“She’ll be right”. Why do I always fall for that line? Continue reading

Is There a Vet in the House?

23rd September 2008     (take note – old date!)

G’Day Mob,

One thing I am learning as I enter the fourth year of this farming apprenticeship is that “farmer” really encompasses a whole truck load of professions. You have to be part meteorologist, part mechanic, part stockman, part accountant and part stand-up comedian. You also have to be part vet. I especially like this vet part. Maybe I am channeling Steven King’s sense of the macabre but when something has to be butchered around here I take a special interest in proceedings. Continue reading

RIP Daisy

19th June 2008

The drought has claimed its first victim. Continue reading