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New Year’s Eve – Mole River Style

G’Day Mob,

In the last post  we saw the disadvantages of living close to a river. However the floods are rare and for the most part the Mole River brings joy rather than sorrow. We return regularly to Braeside, which is now managed by friends, to see the years change over, to participate in the famed fishing competition and to take time out from the grind. This is what our New Year’s Eve on the Mole River usually looks like: Continue reading


G’Day Mob,

In the last post I was bleating about the lack of suitable canoeing rivers on my doorstep and reminiscing about our previous property, Braeside, and the Mole River, which ran fifty metres from our front door. We sold Braeside in 2007 but regularly return around New Year’s Eve to camp by the river with friends. In 2011 we were starkly reminded why it is not a good idea to have a river fifty metres from your front door. Continue reading

A River Somewhere

G’Day Mob,

Usually at this time of year my favourite afternoon activity looks like this:

85 Macintyre

paddling along one of our inland rivers. However this year I am being thwarted. Continue reading

Calf Wrangling

  G’Day Mob, here’s an old story from the Braeside vault……………………. 

It started out as a routine muster. I was aboard Desley and Brian was riding Cobey, with Jean and Wag tagging along to provide some bark. We were moving a mob of cattle

(photo John Bowden)

when a calf got separated and was left behind. Continue reading

Pig Hunt

Gee you lot can nag. Here I was thinking I could run this blog how I wanted, but apparently not, so here, by popular demand, is a story from the Braeside days:

Alas, I have been blooded!

It happened like this……………

Continue reading