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Where There’s A Will

G’Day Mob,

Take a good look at this photo.

168 puppies 1

Now I bet the first thing you noticed was cute puppies and you all went “aahh”, but what I really want you to see is the mesh the cute puppies are poking their heads through.

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Sneaky Dogs

G’Day Mob,

Once upon a time there was a big, beautiful Huntaway named Bo.

158 Bo

Once upon a time there was also a border collie named  Manu and a kelpie named Wombi.

Once upon a time there was peace at Rocky Springs.

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Introducing …..

G’Day Mob,

Here at the Rocky Springs Rambles I tend to …well, ramble. That means time slips away and I go to write a post and remember you haven’t been officially introduced to some of the cast.

At the moment we have nine dogs on Rocky Springs. Five of them you have already met: Bonnie and Clyde (the pig dogs), Bo (the deep-barked huntaway) and Spy and Manu (the border collies).

Brian considers Spy to be the best working dog on the place and often breeds him with Manu. We have had several litters in the last few years with most of the pups being sold; although some have been retained. So without further rambling, come and meet the next generation: Continue reading

Chester, the Wonder Whippet

G’Day Mob,

Here at Rocky Springs we were recently privileged to have, however so briefly, a star amongst us – Chester the Wonder Whippet.

The Whippet is currently on an Australia-wide tour having left his base in southern Western Australia in December. He finds life on the road – the constant adulation, the pressure to perform, cold nights – to be wearying, and so at Rocky Springs he took a few weeks to relax and unwind, and to work on some moves for his upcoming aerial acrobatic shows.

Come and meet the Wonder Whippet and the team behind him.

149 Chester

The Whippet in a Pensive Mood

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Fox Terribles

G’Day Mob,

Once upon a time in the Land of the All Black (New Zealand) there was a lady from Kuripapango who owned a team of miniature fox terriers and chihuahuas. Every day a dozen small canines would follow her and her horse into the hills hunting rabbits. She had such control over them that even at dinner time all would have to sit before any could start eating. Brian had great respect for this lady and her dogs and so when the time came for us to get a dog of our own he suggested a miniature fox terrier.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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The Team

G’Day Mob,

119 team

The work crew, September 2014. L-R: Bonnie, Brian, Bo, Spy, Manu and two you have yet to formally meet – Panda (obscured) and Biggin.

Clyde was at home guarding the house!



November 2011

G’Day Mob,

Spy has been romancing and once again there are puppies at Rocky Springs, which means we must come up with names.

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One-Eyed Clyde

G’Day Mob,

This was Clyde prior to November 2011:

110 Mar08

this is Clyde now:

110 One-eyed

and this is the story of One-Eyed Clyde ………

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The Drover

 G’Day Mob,

A few weeks ago Brian took a phone call. Mick from Wallangra was putting together a herd of weaners (young cattle) for the route but the stock contractor would be a week late. Could Brian take the mob on the road each day and return them to the yards at night? Would Brian be the drover?

The Drover and Manu

The Drover and Manu

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Is This the World’s Ugliest Dog?

G’Day Mob,

Back in 2011 when we lost Wag  Brian was faced with the reality of having only one (Spy) and a half (Bo) working dogs. A good working dog is invaluable on a farm but finding and training the right one takes a lot of time. As we weren’t breeding dogs at the time Brian decided to make a few phone calls. This is Mike’s story……. Continue reading