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Bowerbird Bling

G’Day Mob,

Last year you met our bowerbird (“He’ Back”), and admired his antics and his collection of bling.

 155 spotted bowerbird

I told you he had thieved tomatoes, and bits of metal and a couple of nuts from the workshop; and we all thought this was cute.

Well this year he has crossed the line. Continue reading


How do you say goodbye?

How do you come to terms with death when it strikes from nowhere with no warning?

How do you fill that space that is left when the funeral is done and the people have gone?

How do you console a wife and a friend who is going through something you can only imagine?

Let me try with words.

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He’s Back

G’Day Mob,

A client and I were working away in the Rocky Springs office today when he asked “What is that racket outside?” The racket, as he so aptly described, was our resident Spotted Bowerbird, and his antics each year let me know spring has truly arrived.

Our Spotted Bowerbird collecting material for his bower

Our Spotted Bowerbird collecting material for his bower

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Nature’s Wanton Palette

G’Day Mob,

As I find myself once more sitting on the Rocky Springs veranda wanting for rain it is timely to remember perspective. We are not desperately dry at Rocky, though we have been before and we will be again, but we are dry enough for tensions to be on the rise. But as the heat builds we also know that we will see green and abundant seasons again. It is all part of living with Nature’s wanton palette. Come and see how the colours fall on this land we love: Continue reading

Rainbows and Grasstrees

G’Day Mob,

Way back in July 2012 (a lifetime in blogging land) I wrote about the wonderful
grasstrees or xanthorrhoea  on Rocky Springs. Now it is Spring 2013 and the xanthorrhoea are flowering in masses that I have not seen before, sending cream coloured spikes high into the air and attracting squillions of insects, dainty butterflies and a rabble of squabbling rainbow lorikeets. Continue reading

Echidna Encounter

G’Day Mob,

Here in Australia we often take for granted that we live in a country with unique wildlife. Kangaroos are almost at plague proportions at Rocky Springs, and being spring it is not unusual to see a daddy emu taking his brood of chicks for a walk across the paddock. I have been horse-riding with wombats and canoeing with platypus, but every now and again I am reminded not everyone has seen these creatures. And so when I saw an echidna crossing the track last week I stopped to take some photos. Continue reading

The Magical Mystical Geological Tour

G’Day Mob,

This post is inspired by a naturalist who came to Rocky Springs posing as a water inspector (G’Day Peter). Officially he was here to check the two sub-artesian bores on the property, which didn’t involve much more than driving to the site and saying “well here it is”. Most of our time was spent discussing rocks, Tim Flannery and climate change and in the process I gave him an abbreviated geological tour of Rocky Springs. Continue reading

Drought Series #3: My Country

G’Day Mob,

Welcome to the last of the drought series posts (wouldn’t it be lovely to think this was the last drought post I EVER wrote?).This was originally written at the end of 2009 when our long dry spell finally broke, and I hope it gives promise to those of you doing it tough now – the good seasons will come again. Boil the billy and settle in with a cuppa for a long ramble. Continue reading

Drought Series #1: Perspective

G’Day Mob,

We have had a week of winter rain here at Rocky Springs, which has meant we have been house-bound. That has given me plenty of time to reflect on the cycles of Mother Nature. Areas of Australia and many regions of the USA are experiencing drought conditions at the moment. At Rocky Springs we are having a good season but we realise this is as much a part of the circle of life as a drought.

Four years ago we were in the depths of a bad drought and in empathy for those still looking hopefully to the skies, the next three posts of the Rambles will be a drought series. May the rain soon fall to those who need it. Continue reading

The Tumbledowns Turn

G’Day Mob,

One of the joys of living in the Coolatai area is the magnificent Tumbledown Gums (Angophora costata), also known as smooth-barked apple gums. Each year in the summer these beautiful trees drop their grey winter bark and emerge resplendent in shades of orange and red.


The young ‘uns crowd together to form their own forests, Continue reading