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Christmas is

G’Day Mob,

Frangi Sky

Rocky Springs has received the most precious of gifts – rain. After months of heart-breaking dry the water has fallen, the creeks are running, the apple gums fill the air with their pungent blooms and “the filmy veil of greenness… thickens as we gaze” (My Country – Dorothea MacKellar). It has been a festive season to be truly thankful. For me Christmas is: Continue reading

Cabin Fever

Rambling right along…

30th June 2007

G’Day Mob,

It is still bloody raining.

OK, the first day of rain is exciting – I get a day off, and get to do not a lot by the fire. The second day we appreciate the rain but the bookwork is up to date and we are getting a bit restless. By day three Cabin Fever has set in. The novelty of being stuck in wet weather is wearing off. We can’t walk anywhere, can’t ride anywhere, can’t drive anywhere, can’t do the shopping, can’t shoot a pig, can’t get to the mailbox, can’t get to the pub, can’t get to hockey training, can’t dry the clothes and the home brew wont brew. Pep snoozes by the fire, Bonnie and Clyde cuddle up together, Wag and Jean appreciate the back of their kennels and Bo sits in the rain. The horses crowd into the stable, the cows plod through the mud and Brian only wants to play Scabble ‘cause he gets a flogging in Trivial Pursuit. Continue reading