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Polar Party

G’Day Mob,

Well, what a night! Wasn’t it fantastic? Snow falling, reindeer parading, igloos, a menu to die for and friends from around the globe.

What? What do you mean you don’t remember? Oh, well you were enjoying yourself. I mean all that dancing on tables and such – I’m not really surprised. Let me recap our night for you …….

167 party

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International Dinner Party

G’Day Mob,

We’re going to party!!!

I’ve come up with this crazy idea. We’re all invited to an international dinner party. You’re going to provide me with ingredients. I’m going to choose the venue and this mysterious world-famous chef is going to design our menu (by chef I mean the bloke on the left; the girl on the right still can’t cook).

165 Jamie

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Sacred Site

G’Day Mob,

The indigenous people tell of sacred sites. Of places connecting them to country. Of places where learning and ancestors, reverence and nature all intertwine, intermingle, weld.

This is Kianinny. This is my sacred site.

162 Kianinny

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Sleeping with the Enemy (AKA George & Richie)

G’Day Mob,

In 1991 I fell in love with a Kiwi and I have been sleeping with the enemy ever since.

157 RWC

Our courtship spanned the Great Sandy Desert and the north-west WA town of Broome and I learnt that to love a New Zealander meant indoctrination into the culture of rugby union.

Remember I said 1991. That was the year the Australian Wallabies beat the Poms in the Rugby World Cup (RWC) Final and the New Zealand All Blacks came third. I was young and naïve and believed this was the natural order of things.

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A Salute to Farmer’s Daughters

G’Day Mob,

Every now and again in this world of digital overload, I come across a piece of writing that makes me quiver. Such was the case this week.

This week a young woman named Helen Bender confronted Australian politicians on their stance on the contentious issue of coal seam gas exploration that led to her farmer father taking his own life merely days before.

It struck a chord with many of us on the land, and it is with kind permission from Heather Pascoe that I reprint her quivering prose.

Thank you Helen for your bravery. Thank you Heather for your words; and thank you Dr. David Pascoe for sharing, in the first instance, this heartfelt missive.

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Amie’s Smile

G’Day Mob,

Does this sound like your typical morning: wake up and get out of bed, stumble to the bathroom, grumble about aches and pains, walk to the kitchen and plan the day ahead as you sip a cup of tea?

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Through Hail and Shine

G’Day Mob,

Good friends are hard to find but the best ones are beside you through rain and shine.

They are there when you’re face-first, screaming into the hockey turf because you have just snapped the ACL in your knee. They bring you McDonalds when you are in the hospital waiting room for three hours until a doctor can see you. Then two years down the track, after a knee reconstruction, they convince you that returning to competition hockey really is a good idea.

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Bong Bong to Giggleswick via Punkeydoodles Corners

G’Day Mob,

Following a tip from a Canadian friend I was reading a list of Saskatchewan slang recently, nodding that the Canadians still refer to acres as we do even though both countries converted to the metric system eons ago, smiling that a farmer’s tan means the same thing no matter in what hemisphere you dwell, and discovering prairie oysters is just another name for our mountain oysters (calf testicles).

But then I got to Moose Javian, which by definition means someone who lives in Moose Jaw, and I have been giggling ever since. Moose Jaw? Whoever came up with such a name for a town?

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How to Star in a Music Video

Mandy & Bo

& Why a Girl Needs a Dog

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The Outback – Found

G’Day Mob,

Last week’s question (Where is the Outback?) generated plenty of discussion everywhere from here on the blog to bedside at the Inverell Hospital (G’Day Helga).

Rob from Bobby Dazzler’s Blog had a concise answer saying 70% of Australia was remote and arid and therefore Outback. He even gave us an estimate of 5,000,000 square kilometres. That is the sort of committed research I like.

Shirl has seen much of Australia’s inland heart – places like Cunnamulla, the Tanami and Brewarrina – all of which would have some claim to being Outback, and Anne from Grit & Giggles  thought the Outback had a lot to do with the character of a place and its people.

From overseas, Danuta described the entire country of Bolivia as Outback and Lavinia from Oregon, USA described it as anything from desert to swamp.

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