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How to Star in a Music Video

Mandy & Bo

& Why a Girl Needs a Dog

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The Outback – Found

G’Day Mob,

Last week’s question (Where is the Outback?) generated plenty of discussion everywhere from here on the blog to bedside at the Inverell Hospital (G’Day Helga).

Rob from Bobby Dazzler’s Blog had a concise answer saying 70% of Australia was remote and arid and therefore Outback. He even gave us an estimate of 5,000,000 square kilometres. That is the sort of committed research I like.

Shirl has seen much of Australia’s inland heart – places like Cunnamulla, the Tanami and Brewarrina – all of which would have some claim to being Outback, and Anne from Grit & Giggles  thought the Outback had a lot to do with the character of a place and its people.

From overseas, Danuta described the entire country of Bolivia as Outback and Lavinia from Oregon, USA described it as anything from desert to swamp.

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Where is the Outback? … and a Giveaway!

G’Day Mob,

Now before I start rambling on about the Outback and something I may have to send to one lucky reader … would you take a look at that new header photo. Can you believe it? This is actually the view over our Front Paddock, courtesy of our festive storm season. Look at it – green grass and clouds and if you look closely (very closely) under the tree right of centre you may make out the nine cows that currently comprise our herd. Yep, while the grass may be growing we are a long way from being drought free and in a position to restock Rocky Springs.

And because I can’t help myself here is another view over the property

129 green

But onto other matters …..

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Foal’s Bread

G’Day Mob,

At Rocky Springs in November you can be sure of one constant – the jacarandas. Not to matter that the paddocks may be full of laughing, bucking cows in a good season, or lonely and thirsty as they are now, the ring of jacarandas around our house will always burst into glorious colour come November.

125 jaca

The jacarandas have been particularly apt this November as I re-read Gillian Mears’ “Foal’s Bread”, a beautiful, yet aching, Australian story through which the jacarandas are woven as much as the smell and touch of horse.

So Mob, in a break from the usual transmission here are ten of my favourite all time books (in no particular order):

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What in the World?

G’Day Mob,

I am about to swap the cow paddock for the hockey paddock and, along with another 1000 or so ol’ girls, I’ll be travelling to Newcastle to participate in the annual State Master’s Championships.

But while I’m away, you have homework.

Who can tell me what this is?

112 what

And if homework is not your thing, duck over to the Rocky Springs Facebook page to see what Manfred (from “A Load of Bull” fame) has been up to lately.

And I want to hear you cheering when the mighty Inverell Swans take on the old guard from Far South Coast hockey.

Catch you later ……

Clancy of the Overflow

G’Day Mob,

One of Australia’s most cherished poets is A B (Banjo) Paterson and his 1889 poem “Clancy of the Overflow” is one of his best remembered works. It tells the story of Clancy who has gone to Queensland droving ….

106 Clancy

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Blogging Holiday

G’Day Mob,

It’s time for a break.

We’ve been seeing each other for a while now. Maybe we’re growing complacent, taking each other’s company for granted. I am very fond of you, don’t get me wrong, but I think a month apart will freshen the relationship. Absence making the heart grow fonder and all that.

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A Centenary of Rocky Springs

G”Day Mob,

Congratulations – we’re 100!

That’s right – one hundred posts and here is a map of the world according to Rocky Springs showing all of the lands from which Rambles readers have come:


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In Conversation

G’Day Mob,

You are used to reading my words and you may have a vague notion of what I look like under my hat,

98 mandy

but some of you have never heard me speak. Others would say they have been listening to me since before I could string words together (G’Day Mum!), some may have wondered whether I could speak at all when I was a very shy schoolgirl (stop laughing Col) and, with a bit of rum involved, some may have thought I would never shut up.

Regardless here is a radio interview I did recently talking about farm life, writing and the drought, and it is posted here specifically for those of you who have never heard this bushie’s Aussie accent.

Hope you enjoy:

Hint: press the “play” button on the top line once you’ve followed the link.


The Felfie Project

G’Day Mob,

Well I’ve had felfies ( a photo taken of you, by you, on a farm) flying in from all over the world. Some of you have a curious interpretation of a felfie but that’s just added to the fun. So let’s stop mucking about and get into it …….. Continue reading