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10 Reasons Why I Am Over Fencing

G’Day Mob,

At the end of spring last year we had unseasonably hot weather. Then we had a mild summer before the heat came back for a last (hopefully) blast in early autumn. We chose late spring and early autumn to fence a paddock on the stock route and this last week has been a doozy. Here are 10 reasons why I am over fencing in March.

Fencing to keep cattle off the road and in the paddock

Fencing to keep cattle off the road and in the paddock

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The Mob

G’Day Mob,

Currently this is our Mob – or herd:

 131 NAMES

Rocky Springs has, in a good season, carried up to 600 cattle but at the moment this is it. Nine. Plus three calves. The remainder of our mob are either on agistment on local stock routes or down south Mandurama way.

The grass may look green after summer rain but no-one in this part of the country is confident of saying the drought is over. If we continue to get good rain over the next few months we will consider re-stocking Rocky Springs, which obviously is our preferred option, but until then let me introduce you to the Pet Mob.

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Note to Self

G’Day Mob,

Today I came across this photo from April this year and I am posting it as much for myself as for you.

DSC_0329 ed

It reminds me that although the paddocks are currently telling me otherwise, I know it will rain again.

The Team

G’Day Mob,

119 team

The work crew, September 2014. L-R: Bonnie, Brian, Bo, Spy, Manu and two you have yet to formally meet – Panda (obscured) and Biggin.

Clyde was at home guarding the house!


Run of Luck

G’Day Mob,

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder what you’ve done to upset the universe. This was our week back in January 2012 ………………. Continue reading

The Promise of Rain

G’Day Mob,

Farmers are a stoic breed, used to the dry spells that characterise their profession and determine their future, and the weather is never far from their minds.

How are you?                          “Yeah, not bad. Could use a drop of rain though.”

What have you been doing?   “Ah, not a lot. Dry innit?

How are the cattle faring?      “Pretty good. Wouldn’t mind some green tucker.”

And what about the grass?     “Dryin’ off. Nothin’ two inches of rain wouldn’t fix.”

They talk little about the drought that most always stalks them.

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Morning Muster

G’Day Mob,

You’ve all been reading for a while now and getting to know the farm so I thought it was high time to take you on a Rocky Springs muster. Continue reading

Can Grazing Animals Save the World?

G’Day Mob,

For the last couple of weeks you have joined me as we look at droving in northern New South Wales. This post I want to share the work of Alan Savory and his theories on how grazing animals can save the world. Continue reading


G’Day Mob,

Thursday, 8am, as I read through some of the blogs I follow I came across this pearl of wisdom from Jessy at WestEastern :

“she who bears sweat, dirt, perhaps a bruise and always a smile understands that joy and challenge travel hand-in-hand”

Wow I thought, this is the attitude I would like to live by. Then came Thursday 9am …… Continue reading