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She’s Back ……………..

G’Day Mob,

Well after a break of 12 months it looks like I might be blogging again.

In the past year a few stories have accumulated.

So do you want to hear them?

And if you do, what strikes your fancy – “The Coming of the Camels” or “My Life as a Pit Pony”?



G’Day Mob,

Thursday, 8am, as I read through some of the blogs I follow I came across this pearl of wisdom from Jessy at WestEastern :

“she who bears sweat, dirt, perhaps a bruise and always a smile understands that joy and challenge travel hand-in-hand”

Wow I thought, this is the attitude I would like to live by. Then came Thursday 9am …… Continue reading

Blogging Holiday

G’Day Mob,

It’s time for a break.

We’ve been seeing each other for a while now. Maybe we’re growing complacent, taking each other’s company for granted. I am very fond of you, don’t get me wrong, but I think a month apart will freshen the relationship. Absence making the heart grow fonder and all that.

In reality, it’s not you it’s me. Continue reading

A Centenary of Rocky Springs

G”Day Mob,

Congratulations – we’re 100!

That’s right – one hundred posts and here is a map of the world according to Rocky Springs showing all of the lands from which Rambles readers have come:


Continue reading

Bribery Wrap

G’Day Mob,

Wow, thanks for the feedback regarding advertisements on the Rocky Springs Rambles. This is what I have learnt from you comments:

  • Ads don’t seem to appear if you are another WordPress user,
  • The odd ad will appear if you are viewing the blog on a computer and are not a WordPress user,
  • Advertisers are targeting smart phones,
  • I am not advertising The Little Tokyo Porn Shop

But the best revelation was you are not actually bothered by the ads, and smart phone users have smart phone brains, which allow them to filter out the unwanted grab for their money. I don’t know what we should read into the fact most advertising is for cellulite reduction and cars – but I will leave that little gem with you.

So thanks once again Mob, for the education.

Oh, that’s right, we were going to giveaway a copy of Outback Magazine. I nearly forgot.

Drumroll please ……..

Due to her diligence in investigating from both her computer and her smart phone, the winner is ……… Cathy Tony Abrahams.

Well done Cathy. I’ll be in touch soon.



G’Day Mob,

I am feeling a little vulnerable. See my problem is that you, my beloved followers and voyeurs, know a fair bit about me from these ramblings – but I know so little about you.

I wonder who you are and where you are from.

Of course I know some of you. There are a fair number from Coolatai keeping an eye on me and waiting for their names to appear in a blog post (patience my friends, it is coming), and I know the reles drop in now and again but what about the rest of you?

Some of you I feel I know from the comments you make and the blogs you write: from the high deserts of the USA and the eternal snow-bound wilds of Canada to the outback of Australia and the bloke with the racehorse that can’t race.

But there are others. I have found the Isle of Man on a map as someone keeps coming back from there (now is the Isle of Man a part of the UK or Ireland or a separate entity altogether?) and I suspect there may be followers from other parts of the UK, the USA and even Western Australia.

So talk to me dear Mob. Let’s start with the basics:

  • What is the population of your nearest town or city (in my case Coolatai, population 30 – if you don’t count the dogs and cows)?
  • And next, the age-old question – how’s the weather (overcast with a chance of rain tonight)?

Come on, you can do it. Relieve this vulnerability. Speak to me Mob.

Why Blogging is Evil and Why Followers are Gold

Blogging is a self-indulgent, narcissistic and addictive pastime. When you first consider making the leap into the ocean of blogging you cast an eye over the sea and admire the yachts with their great parties, the liners with their crowds of people, the humble canoeist adventurer and the family run-about. You may turn your nose up at that raft that is leaking a bit of water. Then you make the jump yourself and for an instant you are part of the flotilla. Buoyed upon a bubble of surface tension, you smile and exclaim “I have arrived”. Then reality strikes and, as if torpedoed, you fall heavily to the ocean floor. Continue reading