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The Brahman and the Brown Snake

3rd February 2009

G’Day Mob,

Now I have a funny story to tell you about snakes and cows so settle in.

Our Brahman cows have been busily having calves of late and are usually the most excellent mothers. However, for unknown reasons, one old girl decided to abandon her calf and we had a long-eared orphan in need of rescuing. Brian and I spent days looking for it but hidden by the long dry grass it remained elusive . Continue reading


Calf Wrangling

  G’Day Mob, here’s an old story from the Braeside vault……………………. 

It started out as a routine muster. I was aboard Desley and Brian was riding Cobey, with Jean and Wag tagging along to provide some bark. We were moving a mob of cattle

(photo John Bowden)

when a calf got separated and was left behind. Continue reading