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Going Twice

G’Day Mob,

You may have thought buying an opal mine was big enough news for one year …. but wait: there’s more.

We have bought another farm.

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Run of Luck

G’Day Mob,

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder what you’ve done to upset the universe. This was our week back in January 2012 ………………. Continue reading

The Promise of Rain

G’Day Mob,

Farmers are a stoic breed, used to the dry spells that characterise their profession and determine their future, and the weather is never far from their minds.

How are you?                          “Yeah, not bad. Could use a drop of rain though.”

What have you been doing?   “Ah, not a lot. Dry innit?

How are the cattle faring?      “Pretty good. Wouldn’t mind some green tucker.”

And what about the grass?     “Dryin’ off. Nothin’ two inches of rain wouldn’t fix.”

They talk little about the drought that most always stalks them.

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Morning Muster

G’Day Mob,

You’ve all been reading for a while now and getting to know the farm so I thought it was high time to take you on a Rocky Springs muster. Continue reading

A Centenary of Rocky Springs

G”Day Mob,

Congratulations – we’re 100!

That’s right – one hundred posts and here is a map of the world according to Rocky Springs showing all of the lands from which Rambles readers have come:


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Let the Day Begin



Let The Day Begin




Telling Stories

G’Day Mob,

Too often in the media all we hear of agriculture is doom and gloom with a side helping of woe. It’s not all like that and I hope by reading the Rocky Springs Rambles you are all gaining an appreciation for the things we love about this life.

Today I want to tell you about another couple of sites that also promote the positive side of working on the land. Continue reading

Another Week

G’Day Mob,

Due to popular demand, and following on from the drought conditions of One Week  I now bring you a week’s work in a good season. In 2013 summer has been characterised by baking hot days (>40O) interspersed with beautiful soft rain. So here goes: Continue reading

One Week

8th November 2008

G’Day Mob,

We crashed into bed last night, worn out and ready for sleep. We stayed awake long enough to reflect on the past week and then it was time for some serious snoring under the fan. For those of you who wonder what we actually do here, take my hand and I will lead you through a somewhat typical week. Continue reading