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Song For Wag

July 2011


It is the middle of the night and the dogs have woken me with their howlybags. This is not unusual but tonight the song is wrong. Bonnie cries while Clyde warbles. Spy doesn’t know when to join in and Bo doesn’t know when to finish. The choir is off key for their conductor is missing. Wag is dead.

For two months Wag had not been right. Coughing and weight lose were treated with antibiotics to no avail and so the vet suggested an X-Ray.

Brian suspected the worst. He took Wag, late one afternoon, chasing cows off the hill on his own, and said his goodbyes.

The X-Ray showed a massive growth in his lungs – cancer, so with heavy hearts and teary eyes we made that final decision. Wag died with his head on my leg. I said my thanks and kissed him farewell. Brian has buried him at Rocky.

What is a Farm Dog?

12th March 2009

G’Day Mob,

What is a farm dog?

In the simplest terms a farm dog is a worker who enjoys nothing more than going to work and is happy to take payment in food, board and the occasional word of encouragement. Food can be anything from dry biscuits to prime beef, board anything from a hollow log to an old fridge (or a sheepskin rug indoors if your name is Pep), and words of encouragement are open to interpretation: for example Brian has called Bo a bloody idiot so many times that Bo now thinks it is a term of endearment. Continue reading