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The Mob

G’Day Mob,

Currently this is our Mob – or herd:

 131 NAMES

Rocky Springs has, in a good season, carried up to 600 cattle but at the moment this is it. Nine. Plus three calves. The remainder of our mob are either on agistment on local stock routes or down south Mandurama way.

The grass may look green after summer rain but no-one in this part of the country is confident of saying the drought is over. If we continue to get good rain over the next few months we will consider re-stocking Rocky Springs, which obviously is our preferred option, but until then let me introduce you to the Pet Mob.

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Note to Self

G’Day Mob,

Today I came across this photo from April this year and I am posting it as much for myself as for you.

DSC_0329 ed

It reminds me that although the paddocks are currently telling me otherwise, I know it will rain again.

In Conversation

G’Day Mob,

You are used to reading my words and you may have a vague notion of what I look like under my hat,

98 mandy

but some of you have never heard me speak. Others would say they have been listening to me since before I could string words together (G’Day Mum!), some may have wondered whether I could speak at all when I was a very shy schoolgirl (stop laughing Col) and, with a bit of rum involved, some may have thought I would never shut up.

Regardless here is a radio interview I did recently talking about farm life, writing and the drought, and it is posted here specifically for those of you who have never heard this bushie’s Aussie accent.

Hope you enjoy:


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Drought Humour (Part Two)

G’Day Mob,

Another of our drought strategies (other then turning the whole farm into a brewery), is pruning trees for cattle feed. This is Brian‘s job. He puts a ladder against a tree, climbs into the branches and chainsaws off some cow chow.

The wild olives and myalls make for standard food, but when a kurrajong is being lopped the cows come running. And when they come running they sometimes knock things over……… Continue reading

Drought Humour (Part One)

G’Day Mob,

Finding life a little tough at the moment? Having a bad day? Things not going quite right? Well grab a cuppa, pull up a pew and come and have a laugh at our expense. Continue reading

Drought Series #3: My Country

G’Day Mob,

Welcome to the last of the drought series posts (wouldn’t it be lovely to think this was the last drought post I EVER wrote?).This was originally written at the end of 2009 when our long dry spell finally broke, and I hope it gives promise to those of you doing it tough now – the good seasons will come again. Boil the billy and settle in with a cuppa for a long ramble. Continue reading

Drought Series #1: Perspective

G’Day Mob,

We have had a week of winter rain here at Rocky Springs, which has meant we have been house-bound. That has given me plenty of time to reflect on the cycles of Mother Nature. Areas of Australia and many regions of the USA are experiencing drought conditions at the moment. At Rocky Springs we are having a good season but we realise this is as much a part of the circle of life as a drought.

Four years ago we were in the depths of a bad drought and in empathy for those still looking hopefully to the skies, the next three posts of the Rambles will be a drought series. May the rain soon fall to those who need it. Continue reading

One Week

8th November 2008

G’Day Mob,

We crashed into bed last night, worn out and ready for sleep. We stayed awake long enough to reflect on the past week and then it was time for some serious snoring under the fan. For those of you who wonder what we actually do here, take my hand and I will lead you through a somewhat typical week. Continue reading

RIP Daisy

19th June 2008

The drought has claimed its first victim. Continue reading

Of Drought

18th June 2008

G’Day Mob,

A drought doesn’t just spring up one day and say “Here I am”. It is not a natural disaster that is sudden and spectacular, but rather it is a slow and insidious decline. Nor does a drought end with the coming of rain. Rain may bring relief but it does not necessarily expel the demons of an extended dry spell. Continue reading