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The Outback Odyssey Trilogy – Part 3

G’Day Mob,

 “For Lease: Boorara Station – 285,000 acres”the adventure continues…..

As the moon set over the cattle yards and the sun breached the eastern horizon we climbed out of swags and looked forward to the day. I followed the moon to the yards and penned my first Boorara animal – a big buck grey kangaroo. Most of the roos we had seen up to this point were the western reds, gorgeous creatures with coats of copper red.

We drove to the eastern part of the property and within half an hour had found a lot more than six goats. We drove over a stony range

OK, so "range" may be exaggerating

OK, so “range” may be exaggerating

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Low Stress Goat Handling

A transmission break from the regular rambles……………..

We don’t have many feral goats at Rocky Springs but when Brian found a mob of half a dozen he put the dogs around them. These two took refuge on his motorbike.