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Sneaky Dogs

G’Day Mob,

Once upon a time there was a big, beautiful Huntaway named Bo.

158 Bo

Once upon a time there was also a border collie named  Manu and a kelpie named Wombi.

Once upon a time there was peace at Rocky Springs.

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Introducing …..

G’Day Mob,

Here at the Rocky Springs Rambles I tend to …well, ramble. That means time slips away and I go to write a post and remember you haven’t been officially introduced to some of the cast.

At the moment we have nine dogs on Rocky Springs. Five of them you have already met: Bonnie and Clyde (the pig dogs), Bo (the deep-barked huntaway) and Spy and Manu (the border collies).

Brian considers Spy to be the best working dog on the place and often breeds him with Manu. We have had several litters in the last few years with most of the pups being sold; although some have been retained. So without further rambling, come and meet the next generation: Continue reading

The Team

G’Day Mob,

119 team

The work crew, September 2014. L-R: Bonnie, Brian, Bo, Spy, Manu and two you have yet to formally meet – Panda (obscured) and Biggin.

Clyde was at home guarding the house!


One-Eyed Clyde

G’Day Mob,

This was Clyde prior to November 2011:

110 Mar08

this is Clyde now:

110 One-eyed

and this is the story of One-Eyed Clyde ………

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A Day in the Life of a Rocky Springs Dog

18th February 2011

Day breaks and Wag leads a canine chorus, a cacophony of barks and howls that speaks of happy animals. The performance continues until Brian steps outside and growls. Wag may be leader of the pack but in absolute terms Brian is top dog. Continue reading


G’Day Mob,

I spent a few nights away from home this week and while travelling met a lady who had camped in the park at Coolatai. The conversation went something like this: Continue reading

Family Album

G’Day Mob,

At the moment Rocky Springs is littered with border collie puppies, fathered by Spy. They are five weeks old and nearly ready to be weaned so if you want one you’d better be quick.

7 puppies

They are endearingly cute and cuddly and I get a bit clucky around them. Puppies strike straight to this farmer’s heart and I thought it was an opportune time to share with you some puppy snaps from the family album. Continue reading

What is a Farm Dog?

12th March 2009

G’Day Mob,

What is a farm dog?

In the simplest terms a farm dog is a worker who enjoys nothing more than going to work and is happy to take payment in food, board and the occasional word of encouragement. Food can be anything from dry biscuits to prime beef, board anything from a hollow log to an old fridge (or a sheepskin rug indoors if your name is Pep), and words of encouragement are open to interpretation: for example Brian has called Bo a bloody idiot so many times that Bo now thinks it is a term of endearment. Continue reading

The Brahman and the Brown Snake

3rd February 2009

G’Day Mob,

Now I have a funny story to tell you about snakes and cows so settle in.

Our Brahman cows have been busily having calves of late and are usually the most excellent mothers. However, for unknown reasons, one old girl decided to abandon her calf and we had a long-eared orphan in need of rescuing. Brian and I spent days looking for it but hidden by the long dry grass it remained elusive . Continue reading

Shadow Dogs

the love of a loyal huntaway…


& of a foxie who can’t miss out on the action…