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A Dinner Invitation

G’Day Mob,

In keeping with the ocean theme of the last few weeks I thought I would dig out this tale from a couple of years ago, but firstly you need to meet a few more of the Coolatai characters.

144 Coolatai Panther sign

Col you have already come across as he stumbled down the dungeon with us. Then there is Reg who builds small planes (www.aerokits.net.au), which we may, or may not, have referred to as flying lawn-mowers in the past.  And then there are Al and Lis, who run one of the finest properties in the district.

Ever since Al found out Brian used to be an abalone diver he has been nagging. What’s an abalone? What do they look like? What do you they taste like? I’ve never tried one. I want to try one, Brian. All this delivered with incessant clapping of the hands and an increasing volume of voice.

So Brian relented.

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