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A Day in the Life of a Rocky Springs Dog

18th February 2011

Day breaks and Wag leads a canine chorus, a cacophony of barks and howls that speaks of happy animals. The performance continues until Brian steps outside and growls. Wag may be leader of the pack but in absolute terms Brian is top dog. Continue reading

The Horses Protest

5th April 2009

G’Day Mob,

“It’s not fair” I hear a whingy whinny from the paddock, “where are the horse stories?”

“There are stories about that collie who is always trying to pull my tail” says Desley, “and those pesky fox terriers” adds Bandit, “and about that bloke who I have to cart around” grumps Cobey. “But what about us?” they neigh. Rocky Springs lives up to its name with plenty of rocks so our horses are often used for mustering the paddocks that we can’t get over with a bike. In an effort to prevent a mutiny next time I need an equine, here, in their own words, are our faithful working horses: Continue reading

Calf Wrangling

  G’Day Mob, here’s an old story from the Braeside vault……………………. 

It started out as a routine muster. I was aboard Desley and Brian was riding Cobey, with Jean and Wag tagging along to provide some bark. We were moving a mob of cattle

(photo John Bowden)

when a calf got separated and was left behind. Continue reading