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Run of Luck

G’Day Mob,

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder what you’ve done to upset the universe. This was our week back in January 2012 ………………. Continue reading

Christmas Reflections

Last week an old friend from the coast came to visit. He came up the drive through brown paddocks crying for rain, in temperatures closer to 40 than 30, over a rough and rocky road. For the life of him he couldn’t work out why we lived here. Put on the spot I struggled to articulate a convincing answer but on reflection I found the words: Continue reading

Nature’s Wanton Palette

G’Day Mob,

As I find myself once more sitting on the Rocky Springs veranda wanting for rain it is timely to remember perspective. We are not desperately dry at Rocky, though we have been before and we will be again, but we are dry enough for tensions to be on the rise. But as the heat builds we also know that we will see green and abundant seasons again. It is all part of living with Nature’s wanton palette. Come and see how the colours fall on this land we love: Continue reading

Traffic Chaos

G’Day Mob,

Usually I can drive the 90km round-trip to Warialda and pass maybe half a dozen vehicles, but this week the world has gone mad. With the wheat harvest in full swing and cattle from drought affected Queensland on our stock routes there is traffic chaos around Coolatai. Here is my tally from today’s trip to Little Town:  Continue reading

Drought Series #1: Perspective

G’Day Mob,

We have had a week of winter rain here at Rocky Springs, which has meant we have been house-bound. That has given me plenty of time to reflect on the cycles of Mother Nature. Areas of Australia and many regions of the USA are experiencing drought conditions at the moment. At Rocky Springs we are having a good season but we realise this is as much a part of the circle of life as a drought.

Four years ago we were in the depths of a bad drought and in empathy for those still looking hopefully to the skies, the next three posts of the Rambles will be a drought series. May the rain soon fall to those who need it. Continue reading

Day’s End

G’Day Mob,

Rocky Springs used to be a sheep property and as such we have a lovely old shearing shed. As Rocky Springs is now purely a cattle property the old shed is used for storage. I snapped this grainy shot on the mobile phone at day’s end today. And what did today’s work involve?

1. Back-up computer to avoid internet doomsday – check.

2. Fix electric fence – check.

3. Drive cattle truck to neighbours to pick up escapee cow and calf – check.

4. Draft cows and calves in our yards – check.

5. Cook lunch – check

6. Quick lap of farm in the ute to make sure water medicator was working – check.

7. Clean trough – check

8. Test electric fence with backside – ouch

9. Move mob of cattle under starlight with Bo – check

10. Join teleconference for girls trading cattle – check

11. Find warm bed – yes please………….

Rambles Preamble

G’Day Mob,

 I guess most blogs start from today’s date and work forward. Well not this one. I am going to time warp you all back about five years when my husband, Brian, and I moved to this two thousand acre property, “Rocky Springs”, near Coolatai in northern New South Wales. We’d spent the previous two and a half years on another property called “Braeside”, west of Tenterfield, which consisted of three thousand acres of hills with a mountain in the middle of it, and I was looking forward to the kinder topography of the northern slopes. Prior to our farming habit I was an exploration geologist, a diver, a bookkeeper and a trainee accountant. Brian grew up amongst the steep hills of New Zealand and has held jobs as diverse as head shepherd, possum trapper, deer hunter, taxi driver, rigger and abalone diver. We met in the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia where I was seduced by wildflowers and red cordial. Continue reading