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She’s Back ……………..

G’Day Mob,

Well after a break of 12 months it looks like I might be blogging again.

In the past year a few stories have accumulated.

So do you want to hear them?

And if you do, what strikes your fancy – “The Coming of the Camels” or “My Life as a Pit Pony”?


Going Once

G’Day Mob,

You would be forgiven for thinking Rocky Springs and all associated bovines, equines, canines and homo sapiens had fallen off the edge of the planet. Well, not quite, though it has been an eventful few months since I last posted way back in April.

Let me share the news with you gradually. Firstly – we have bought an opal mine!

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Jack and Mabel

G’Day Mob,

Out in the west, way beyond civilisation as we know it, lie the opal fields. Here humpies and lean-tos take preference over houses, vehicles are rarely registered and names may, or may not, correspond to their owners. Hell, even the dogs here go incognito – when I asked one long-bearded bloke the name of his companion, his answer was succinct: “Dog”.

Come along on a tour of the Grawin opal fields. Continue reading