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Sold – and how do you pack a bowerbird?

G’Day Mob,

So this is it, the very last post from Rocky Springs Rambles.

Thanks for being part of the adventure dear Mob.

You have been with me through drought and rains.

You have seen animals born and animals lost.

You may have smiled or laughed or cried – I know I have.

Only one of you ever offered to take two fox terribles off my hands (though I suspect that was only to replace them with something equally sinister).

You now know what a tractor pull is about – and a hangi.

You have been there when I have visited New Zealand and outback Queensland, talked me out of buying 285,000 acres and not talked me out of buying an opal mine.

We’ve been fencing and droving and mustering cattle. We tried to get fat Manfred up a race. We’ve been kicked in the cattle yards, and left Brian stranded up a tree. We turned Rocky Springs into a brewery one month, and a winery a few months later.

We’ve ridden horses, fallen off horses and said goodbye.

We’ve had too many dogs.

You’ve met the wonderful folk of Coolatai – and their panther.

On our days off we have been fishing, paddled a canoe, jumped fox terribles at the Warialda Show and been to the local races. We might have enjoyed a beer or two at the Wallaroo. And you can’t forget that the Aussies beat the Kiwis in the dog trials. We will not talk about rugby union.

We’ve had plenty of visitors, including, touched as we still are, Chester the Wonder Whippet.

And now it’s over. We have packed and moved out. On my last day I retrieved 121 stainless steel nuts from the bowerbird’s bower. I thought about shoving him in a box as well, but why should I deprive the new owners of his thieving antics.

Farewell Mob – it’s been my pleasure.

173 end

Going Twice

G’Day Mob,

You may have thought buying an opal mine was big enough news for one year …. but wait: there’s more.

We have bought another farm.

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Pre-Dinner Drinks

G’Day Mob,

Crikeys – where did February go?

Organising a dinner party – that’s where. Who’s crazy idea was this anyway?

I’ve had a few hold ups with the venue (trust me), latecomers and a very busy chef, but never fear we will soon be partying.

In the meantime why not enjoy a few pre-dinner drinks on the hill overlooking Rocky Springs?

165 Lookout

Talk again soon,



G’Day Mob,

Some of you, dear Mob, are confused. Don’t feel badly about this, I can have that affect on people. I once asked a mechanic to explain to me the differences between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine and after ten minutes of questioning from me he had no idea. Don’t know if the poor bloke has ever recovered.

It seems your confusion, Mob, is in the time-warping ability of the Rambles. Essentially if there is a date written in long hand in italics before “G’Day Mob” then this is an old Ramble (we are currently up to August 2008). If there is no date in italics then it is something that I am rambling on about in the present.

Hope that clears things up. Any suggestions are welcome.

And can anyone tell me the difference between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine?

Two retired hats, two lived in hats and one “I don’t want to wear it, it’s too new” hat (and a good rock collection from your retired geologist)