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Sneaky Dogs

G’Day Mob,

Once upon a time there was a big, beautiful Huntaway named Bo.

158 Bo

Once upon a time there was also a border collie named  Manu and a kelpie named Wombi.

Once upon a time there was peace at Rocky Springs.

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Brian’s Chooks

G’Day Mob,

Think of a farm and one of the images that may spring to mind is chickens and fresh eggs.

Not at Rocky Springs.

We have never kept chooks for 4 very good reasons:

  • Snakes
  • Goannas
  • Foxes
  • Fox Terriers

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Friends with the Black Fiend?

G’Day Mob,

In recent posts you have been following my quest to find a replacement horse for the farm. With the deaths of Bandit and Desley we were left with Brian’s horse Cobey as our only mode of four-legged transportation.

148 Cobey's Eye

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10 Reasons Why I Am Over Fencing

G’Day Mob,

At the end of spring last year we had unseasonably hot weather. Then we had a mild summer before the heat came back for a last (hopefully) blast in early autumn. We chose late spring and early autumn to fence a paddock on the stock route and this last week has been a doozy. Here are 10 reasons why I am over fencing in March.

Fencing to keep cattle off the road and in the paddock

Fencing to keep cattle off the road and in the paddock

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Farewell My Friend

June 2012

Just a small horse.

A varnish appaloosa/arab.

Silver mane, silver tail

134 Desley

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The Outback – Found

G’Day Mob,

Last week’s question (Where is the Outback?) generated plenty of discussion everywhere from here on the blog to bedside at the Inverell Hospital (G’Day Helga).

Rob from Bobby Dazzler’s Blog had a concise answer saying 70% of Australia was remote and arid and therefore Outback. He even gave us an estimate of 5,000,000 square kilometres. That is the sort of committed research I like.

Shirl has seen much of Australia’s inland heart – places like Cunnamulla, the Tanami and Brewarrina – all of which would have some claim to being Outback, and Anne from Grit & Giggles  thought the Outback had a lot to do with the character of a place and its people.

From overseas, Danuta described the entire country of Bolivia as Outback and Lavinia from Oregon, USA described it as anything from desert to swamp.

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Merry Storm Season

G’Day Mob,

Merry Storm Season

128 poinciana

While you may be listening to carols wherever you are in this wonderful world, I am listening to rain on a tin roof – perhaps the greatest of Christmas gifts.

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Note to Self

G’Day Mob,

Today I came across this photo from April this year and I am posting it as much for myself as for you.

DSC_0329 ed

It reminds me that although the paddocks are currently telling me otherwise, I know it will rain again.

Morning Muster

G’Day Mob,

You’ve all been reading for a while now and getting to know the farm so I thought it was high time to take you on a Rocky Springs muster. Continue reading

A Centenary of Rocky Springs

G”Day Mob,

Congratulations – we’re 100!

That’s right – one hundred posts and here is a map of the world according to Rocky Springs showing all of the lands from which Rambles readers have come:


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