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Down in the Dungeon

G’Day Mob,

If you google “Dungeon and Kwiambal” this is what you will find:

154 The Dungeon Lookout

This is the view I have seen several times as I’ve walked the marked track in Kwiambal National Park, about 40km from home, and peered into the deep gorge formed by the Severn River.

Several weeks ago I had plans to take the canoes and paddle the Severn upstream from The Dungeon, where the pools are long and deep. Somehow Brian got hold of that plan and gave it a shake. The canoes were left at home and Brian’s BFF, Col, was added instead. And now we were walking from the Parks-approved camping area, down the entire length of The Dungeon – probably not a Parks-approved activity.

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Friends with the Black Fiend?

G’Day Mob,

In recent posts you have been following my quest to find a replacement horse for the farm. With the deaths of Bandit and Desley we were left with Brian’s horse Cobey as our only mode of four-legged transportation.

148 Cobey's Eye

Then I went to the pub. Continue reading


G’Day Mob,

I spent a few nights away from home this week and while travelling met a lady who had camped in the park at Coolatai. The conversation went something like this: Continue reading

A Coup at the Wallaroo

G’Day Mob,

Spring may mean hayfever and endless equinoxial winds but the upside is the Spring Racing Carnival. This post was written a couple of years ago when one of Australia’s best thoroughbreds graced our tracks and we experienced it all from one of Australia’s best country pubs. Continue reading

A Load of Bull

G’Day Mob,

Sunday morning and Brian is about to set out to do some fencing but there is a bull awaiting pick-up on a nearby property. “You don’t need me. You and Judy will be right” he says as he throws the strainers onto the ute and is gone.

“She’ll be right”. Why do I always fall for that line? Continue reading

Coolatai Induction

13th October 2007

G’Day Mob,

Brian and I have been at Rocky Springs for almost six months now and the Coolatai community is making us feel most welcome. Every few weeks we amble down 5kms of dirt road and 2kms of potholed bitumen to the Wallaroo Hotel.  Continue reading

Letter to Pa

Nag, nag, nag – here we go again. I want to run this blog one way; the fans push it in another direction. However this time they have a point. This ramble was written only a month ago which means you wouldn’t be seeing it for about another year if I was sticking to chronological order, but as you will see the sentiment is meant for now……….

Dear Pa,

It’s been ten years since you died and though I think of you often, I particularly missed you this weekend. This weekend was the annual Coolatai Vintage Tractor Pull and you would have had a ball. There have been two previous Pulls which were somewhat boring to a non-competitor but the Coolatai Mob gave this Pull a real shake and it was a ripper. Continue reading