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Bribery Wrap

G’Day Mob,

Wow, thanks for the feedback regarding advertisements on the Rocky Springs Rambles. This is what I have learnt from you comments:

  • Ads don’t seem to appear if you are another WordPress user,
  • The odd ad will appear if you are viewing the blog on a computer and are not a WordPress user,
  • Advertisers are targeting smart phones,
  • I am not advertising The Little Tokyo Porn Shop

But the best revelation was you are not actually bothered by the ads, and smart phone users have smart phone brains, which allow them to filter out the unwanted grab for their money. I don’t know what we should read into the fact most advertising is for cellulite reduction and cars – but I will leave that little gem with you.

So thanks once again Mob, for the education.

Oh, that’s right, we were going to giveaway a copy of Outback Magazine. I nearly forgot.

Drumroll please ……..

Due to her diligence in investigating from both her computer and her smart phone, the winner is ……… Cathy Tony Abrahams.

Well done Cathy. I’ll be in touch soon.


Bribery …… no sorry I meant Giveaway!

G’Day Mob,

Well, in a first for the Rocky Springs Rambles I have a giveaway (cue applause). One lucky reader will be sent the current edition of RM William’s Outback magazine, with a short story by yours truly on harvesting Coolatai style.


But this is not a game of chance and there is a catch. I need your help. I am drowning in anxiety.

See the problem is that the Rocky Springs Rambles are hosted on a free WordPress site. This means that WordPress may, from time to time, attach advertisements to the blog. And my problem is that I can’t see any from this end. So I don’t know if I’m advertising, or how often, or what (and here my mind really runs away with the possibilities).

So, dear mob, in the comments section below please tell me if you are seeing any advertisements. Tell me how often you are seeing them. Tell me what (cringe) I may be advertising. Or better still, tell me you’ve seen nothing. And go in the running to win this great magazine. With great photos like this:


All comments received before 9pm (my time) on Monday 9th Dec will be judged by an expert (no not Cobey or Desley) and the winner will be announced in the next post.

Thanks mob – hopefully panic attack avoided.