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The Team

G’Day Mob,

119 team

The work crew, September 2014. L-R: Bonnie, Brian, Bo, Spy, Manu and two you have yet to formally meet – Panda (obscured) and Biggin.

Clyde was at home guarding the house!


The Drover

 G’Day Mob,

A few weeks ago Brian took a phone call. Mick from Wallangra was putting together a herd of weaners (young cattle) for the route but the stock contractor would be a week late. Could Brian take the mob on the road each day and return them to the yards at night? Would Brian be the drover?

The Drover and Manu

The Drover and Manu

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Is This the World’s Ugliest Dog?

G’Day Mob,

Back in 2011 when we lost Wag  Brian was faced with the reality of having only one (Spy) and a half (Bo) working dogs. A good working dog is invaluable on a farm but finding and training the right one takes a lot of time. As we weren’t breeding dogs at the time Brian decided to make a few phone calls. This is Mike’s story……. Continue reading

A Day in the Life of a Rocky Springs Dog

18th February 2011

Day breaks and Wag leads a canine chorus, a cacophony of barks and howls that speaks of happy animals. The performance continues until Brian steps outside and growls. Wag may be leader of the pack but in absolute terms Brian is top dog. Continue reading