Christmas is

G’Day Mob,

Frangi Sky

Rocky Springs has received the most precious of gifts – rain. After months of heart-breaking dry the water has fallen, the creeks are running, the apple gums fill the air with their pungent blooms and “the filmy veil of greenness… thickens as we gaze” (My Country – Dorothea MacKellar). It has been a festive season to be truly thankful. For me Christmas is:

  • The blessed relief of rain
  • Sending Brian to town to battle the Christmas crowds while I stay at home – and cook
  • Sitting on a pivot (a large agricultural irrigator) – in a corn field – at midnight
  • Stormbirds
  • Lightning striking a power pole and starting a bushfire on Rocky Springs
  • The absolute dependability of the Coolatai Bush Fire Brigade who extinguished said fire as the electricity blokes worked hard to restore power to towns before Christmas
  • Rain as the fire brigade drives out the front gate
  • Two electricity trucks bogged on our cultivation paddock
  • Tumbledowns turning
  • Sitting in a pool eating prawns and watching meat ants fling themselves into the water chasing the smell
  • Driving three days and 1300km for an eight hour Christmas lunch with family
  • Drinks and good friends in Coolatai on Christmas Eve
  • Rain on a tin roof on Christmas night
  • My joy at Brian returning from the paddocks with his comment “it is such a joy to be out there at the moment”
  • Much-needed sleep
  • Phone calls to family in New Zealand
  • Frangipanis
  • A family of red-winged parrots chattering in the jacaranda
  • Storm clouds
  • Trying to resurrect a long-dormant water-skiing pastime – unsuccessfully
  • Hope renewed

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in blogging land: to my followers, my commentators, my likers and my voyeurs. May you all be blessed as we have been this season.

Poinciana & Bo

The Rocky Springs Christmas Tree, a poinciana in full bloom

(and is that Bo playing Santa Claus?)


8 responses to “Christmas is

  1. Mandy, your list of Christmas things is almost a Christmas carol! Maybe someone could set it to music!

    It’s great that the year is finishing on a high note. I hope 2013 is full of good things for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mandy. Glad that the rain finally arrived.

  3. Well written Mandy! Glad to hear you guys got so much rain & all the best for a great 2013.

  4. Diane Sweeney

    Hi Mandy, am finally on board. Every aussie house should have a christmas tree like the Rocky Springs one. Our fake one is still up in the pub corner!

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