Sold – and how do you pack a bowerbird?

G’Day Mob,

So this is it, the very last post from Rocky Springs Rambles.

Thanks for being part of the adventure dear Mob.

You have been with me through drought and rains.

You have seen animals born and animals lost.

You may have smiled or laughed or cried – I know I have.

Only one of you ever offered to take two fox terribles off my hands (though I suspect that was only to replace them with something equally sinister).

You now know what a tractor pull is about – and a hangi.

You have been there when I have visited New Zealand and outback Queensland, talked me out of buying 285,000 acres and not talked me out of buying an opal mine.

We’ve been fencing and droving and mustering cattle. We tried to get fat Manfred up a race. We’ve been kicked in the cattle yards, and left Brian stranded up a tree. We turned Rocky Springs into a brewery one month, and a winery a few months later.

We’ve ridden horses, fallen off horses and said goodbye.

We’ve had too many dogs.

You’ve met the wonderful folk of Coolatai – and their panther.

On our days off we have been fishing, paddled a canoe, jumped fox terribles at the Warialda Show and been to the local races. We might have enjoyed a beer or two at the Wallaroo. And you can’t forget that the Aussies beat the Kiwis in the dog trials. We will not talk about rugby union.

We’ve had plenty of visitors, including, touched as we still are, Chester the Wonder Whippet.

And now it’s over. We have packed and moved out. On my last day I retrieved 121 stainless steel nuts from the bowerbird’s bower. I thought about shoving him in a box as well, but why should I deprive the new owners of his thieving antics.

Farewell Mob – it’s been my pleasure.

173 end

17 responses to “Sold – and how do you pack a bowerbird?

  1. Can you keep us up to date with your new adventures, have enjoyed reading about your mob

    • Thanks Des. I will be taking a break from blogging in the foreseeable future as we get ourselves organised on the opal mine and on the new farm, but chances are I won’t be able to help myself and will be back blogging again one day. If I do I will put a link up here so you don’t miss it. Thanks for being part of the Mob.

  2. We will miss you! Let us all know if you start up another blog at the new location, but I gather you will have your hands full for a while. And if you are ever over on this side of the Big Pond, give us a holler…

    • I will most certainly give you a holler if we get over that side of the pond. I look forward to reading your blog and thanks for being such a big part of the Rambles.

  3. Kylie Miller

    I’m going to miss these updates! I look forward to the next exciting chapter either above ground or below xx

  4. And where is the next adventure?

  5. best of luck with the next adventure

    • Thanks Naomi. I look forward to following your adventures (good luck with the Bibb-thingo track) and hope we can meet up in person one day and reminisce about old dogs.

  6. You have more ambition than I can dream of; I wanna be like you when I grow up. Grace and good times be with you, Mandy, and with the troops. Keep writing something or another!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Elaine and it has been a pleasure having you as part of the Mob. If I start another blog I will link it to here and hopefully we will catch up again in the future.

  7. donna smythe

    Gosh Mandy, I was getting quite emotional reading this post, so I just can’t imagine how you and Brian are feeling. Although we have missed Coolatai and Rocky Springs there is a good chance we will see you in Lightning Ridge (I presume thats where you are going).We have recently bought a caravan so intend to do a lot of travelling to many places we haven’t seen before. Best wishes to yourself and Brian and hope to see you in the near future. Dave and Donna

    Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 04:39:31 +0000 To:

  8. Wow – I didn’t realise you two were still reading. I think you have been here since the beginning. We would love to see you at the Ridge some time. How handy is Dave with a shovel? 🙂

  9. Thanks for the laughs

  10. I’ve been away on the road for two months, so have only just seen your final words for the Rambles. Beautifully said! All the best for the new venture. I think I know why I was inspired to write about opals in the last newsletter.

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