Aussies vs Kiwis

On the 29th & 30th September, Warwick, QLD was the venue for the 2012 Trans Tasman Sheepdog Test between Australia and New Zealand.

The Australian Team consisted of Malcolm Taylor and Mocara Ed, Stefan Cross and Glenview Connie, Jim O’Connell and Camara Atom, and Geoff Gibson and Charlies Dusty. The New Zealand Team consisted of Eric Stringer and Matt, Bruce Parkinson and Brook, Murray Child and Dice, and Andy Clark and Lady.

Thanks to Brian and Bruce I was abducted by the Kiwi team for the weekend and subjected to multiple rugby union taunts, so I am therefore happy to report that the Australians are the 2012 Champions. Go Aussie!

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6 responses to “Aussies vs Kiwis

  1. kylieatcupcake

    Where are your furries?? Not up to it? Surely those foxies have the spunk and intelligence!

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  3. Obviously, the Aussies started with an advantage because all their dogs had proper two-word names like “Camara Atom”, whereas the Kiwis could only come up with one-word names like “Matt” and “Lady”. (A bit surprising they didn’t have a “Fido” or a “Rover”.) The two-word names clearly gave the Aussie dogs enhanced self-esteem and a “can-do” attitude, which would of course make them very hard to beat. (Don’t tell the Kiwis about this, or next thing we know they’ll have dogs called “Long White Cloud” or “Kiri Te Kanawa” or even “Bledisloe Cup”.)

  4. Where was the pig?Beautiful photos brought me back to the movie “Babe” .Thanks once again for sharing your stories of life with us all. Love to you Mandy always.

    • Hi Murray,
      Murray Child and Dice scored the highest individual points, but as it was a combined score from all four competitors for each team, the Australians won. I think the final score showed nearly a twenty point advantage to the green and gold, but this did not reflect how tight the Test was. With only one competitor from each team to run, the scores were almost even. Eric and Matt from Team New Zealand were most unfortunate to have a rogue sheep in their final run, which handed victory to the Aussies. I think the Aussies may be giving that sheep an extra feed this week!

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