Bowerbird Bling

G’Day Mob,

Last year you met our bowerbird (“He’ Back”), and admired his antics and his collection of bling.

 155 spotted bowerbird

I told you he had thieved tomatoes, and bits of metal and a couple of nuts from the workshop; and we all thought this was cute.

Well this year he has crossed the line.

This is his bower this year:

155 bower

There are over 70 – that’s right seventy – galvanised nuts in there. Not many in our workshop but the bowerbird has 70.

His stash is becoming a veritable hardware store.

155 bower nuts

Want a split pin? Talk to the bird.

How about a stainless steel shackle to fix that leaky trough? Talk to the bird.

Maybe, a roofing screw? Talk to the bird.

And the little blighter is still pinching my tomatoes.

Who wants a bowerbird?

155 pink


10 responses to “Bowerbird Bling

  1. Tom & billie

    Hi Mandy! that bird must be sending you people NUTS.

  2. Funny. You have made the assumption the bird is stealing your hardware but wouldn’t it be something if it was stealing the neighbours (though I suspect they may be too far away).

    • That would be something like an endurance record. The nearest neighbour’s workshop is a couple of kilometres away 🙂

  3. Geoff Wilkins

    Hahaha thats awesome 🙂 I have a spotted bower bird just started his bower not far from the house. Will be interesting to see what he collects. I have some photos of other bower birds that have awesome collections.They are all different in there preferences.

    • Firstly – put a lock on your workshop. Secondly – I’d love to hear what your bowerbird adds to his collection, and would be interested in your photos of other bowers. Can you send me an email?

  4. charmaine potter

    They are time waters Mandy. I spend ages watching their antics. Haven’t seen a bower at home this year but I see the bird every now and then

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  5. That is some pile that bird collected. Looks like he has a fetish for nuts. The most excitement we’ve had here in that department were field mice that got in the back of the old house (not too difficult) and stored hazelnuts in a pair of my boots.

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