Cyberfriends and Dog Tales

G’Day Mob,

One of the great things about blogging is building a network of online friends in cyberspace. Between blogs and emails you can create quite a relationship with someone. However nothing beats meeting that person – in person.

I had the chance last week to meet Rob Brennan from Bobby Dazzler’s blog ( . Rob was on the tail end of a trip to the outback where the attractions included soaking in artesian springs in the Strezlecki Desert, sleeping in an underground motel at White Cliffs and admiring the gorges of the Flinder’s Ranges. As an added bonus my Mum was on the tour so I got to surprise her and meet Rob at the same time:

Bobby Dazzler

That is Rob on the left, Mum in the middle and myself in the orange vest. The Scottish looking couple were the other members of Rob’s party. I would like to point out, however, that we ladies are not short – those boys were just extraordinarily tall.

In other news this week I have been rabbiting on about dogs again, this time in a blogging competition run by Steph Coombes at Ausagventures. Regular readers will recognize the hounds in the photos and the story goes something like this:

It doesn’t matter what I am doing on the property – mustering, yard work, fencing, checking waters, whatever – there will always be a dog by my side. Dogs are such an integral part of my life. When I am happy they put up with my singing, when I am cranky they put up with my swearing and when you get those days where you just want to sit down and cry, there will be a wet nose and a furry head against your leg.

Probably more than any other animal, the dog teaches us about life. At the moment we have a litter of gorgeous bundles of fluff, but as I type their mother is at the vets having staked herself while mustering and tearing a 15cm hole in her chest.

Some pups won’t survive puppyhood, others will die young and inexperienced when they are yet to understand the danger of a vehicle. Others will be plain dumb and of no use on a farm and will have to be rehomed. Some will work until their feet bleed, others will be worth two men in the yards.

If you want to read the rest of the tale you need to jump over to Steph’s site at

Catch you all next week.

3 responses to “Cyberfriends and Dog Tales

  1. It was a delight to meet you in person, Mandy, and to have the pleasure of taking your mum to see a few Outback people and places. And keep up the blogging — it provides a fascinating window into Aussie rural life for me and many others.

    • Ditto to the above Rob. Was lovely to meet you, Mum had a good time and keep up the blogging – I need a window to the places I can’t get to at the moment.

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