Day’s End

G’Day Mob,

Rocky Springs used to be a sheep property and as such we have a lovely old shearing shed. As Rocky Springs is now purely a cattle property the old shed is used for storage. I snapped this grainy shot on the mobile phone at day’s end today. And what did today’s work involve?

1. Back-up computer to avoid internet doomsday – check.

2. Fix electric fence – check.

3. Drive cattle truck to neighbours to pick up escapee cow and calf – check.

4. Draft cows and calves in our yards – check.

5. Cook lunch – check

6. Quick lap of farm in the ute to make sure water medicator was working – check.

7. Clean trough – check

8. Test electric fence with backside – ouch

9. Move mob of cattle under starlight with Bo – check

10. Join teleconference for girls trading cattle – check

11. Find warm bed – yes please………….

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